Ignite EdTech Podcast

September 11 2020 - Episode 19

September 11, 2020 Craig Kemp Season 1 Episode 19
Ignite EdTech Podcast
September 11 2020 - Episode 19
Show Notes

September 11 2020 - Episode 19

The EdTech Chat Podcast with @mrkempnz

1. Introduction
Audience Question - What are your favourite EdTech tools for High School Learners?
3. EdTech Tool of the Week - Buncee
EdTech Tip of the Week - Blended Learning
5. Interview with Mark Barnes and Daisy Christodoulou
Win this weeks prize (Beebot Robot) by going to bit.ly/edtechwin and completing the short form (Competition ends 9am SGT on Wednesday 9 September).
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Links from Podcast

  • Craig's 4 Favourite EdTech Tools for High School Learners
  1. Education Perfect
  2. EdPuzzle
  3. Hologo World (contact me for co-creation opportunities)
  4. Firefly Learning (contact me for direct connection)

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